White Stretch Film

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Introducing our White Stretch Film, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your products. This premium stretch film, with its cutting-edge technology and superior durability, forms an impenetrable shield, protecting your items from dust, moisture, and physical damage during transport. Its versatility makes it perfect for various applications, from wrapping pallets to securing packaging, making it a must-have for a worry-free journey.


Ultimate Protective White Stretch Film

White Stretch Film is your ideal solution to protect your products from damage. This premium stretch film is made to protect your items with incredible durability. With cutting-edge technology, Our plastic white wrapping film forms an impervious barrier that protects your products from dust as well as moisture and physical destruction. Whatever the size or shape of your objects, this film will provide an ideal fit to ensure that they’re safe and secure all the way through their travels. Say goodbye to the hassle of damaged items and say hello to peace of mind by using this stretch film.

Key Features:

  • Industrial grade top of the line
  • Strong and durable stretchy pallet stretch wrap
  • Moisture-proof and tear-resistant properties are ideal for wrapping and protecting items during transport
  • Flexible plastic film suitable to wrap pallets, wrapping packaging suitcases, moving houses boxes, and more.


  • Brand name: Timex GT
  • Package Included: White Stretch Film Wrap
  • Size: Each roll is 500mm wide
  • Color: White
  • Made in: UAE
  • Available: Also in Black Colour

When it comes to quality, you can count on Timex GT. The black stretch film is not just any wrap; it’s a statement of quality and trust. Crafted in the UAE, it upholds the highest standards in manufacturing. Trust in quality and choose our White Stretch Film for peace of mind in protecting your valuable items.

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White Stretch Film
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