Aluminum Tape

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“Discover the Ultimate Versatility with Aluminum Tape. Our premium-grade adhesive solution empowers your projects with exceptional bonding and sealing capabilities. From HVAC systems to crafting and repairs, experience unmatched durability and heat resistance. Elevate your endeavors with the unmatched strength of Aluminum Tape your all-in-one tape for every task.”

Sizes :

  • 2”x15 yards
  • 2”x20 yards
Original price was: د.إ5.50.Current price is: د.إ5.00.

Getting Creative with Aluminum Tape

Are you in search of a versatile and reliable tape that can withstand high temperatures and provide exceptional sealing and repair capabilities? Look no further than our premium aluminium tape. This remarkable adhesive product is designed to meet your diverse needs with its exceptional properties and durability.

The Ultimate Protection

When it comes to waterproofing and protecting structures, 3M Express aluminum flashing tape plays a crucial role. Its weather-resistant properties, combined with the durability of aluminum, make it an excellent choice for sealing gaps, joints, and corners. From roofs to windows, this tape ensures water doesn’t find its way in, preventing potential damage and leaks. Additionally, products like ioban, Tegaderm CHG, and cold-hot chevron striping can complement the waterproofing process, offering further protection and security for your structures.

Why Choose Aluminum Tape?

Aluminum tape, also referred to as aluminum foil tape or silver metal tape, is an exceptional adhesive solution that is frequently underestimated in its versatility and utility. Its extensive range of applications stretches from addressing simple household repairs to catering to intricate industrial demands, rendering it an indispensable tool for DIY enthusiasts, contractors, creative hobbyists, and professionals alike.

  • Exceptional Heat Resistance
  • Long-lasting Durability
  • Airtight Sealing
  • Weatherproof Performance
  • Quick HVAC Repairs

Aluminium Tape Manufacturer in UAE: Quality at Its Best

The UAE is known for its top-notch manufacturing capabilities, and the production of aluminum tape is no exception. Leading manufacturers in the region focus on creating high-quality, reliable aluminum tape that meets international standards. Their commitment to excellence ensures that industries worldwide can rely on these tapes for various applications.


Q: Why use aluminum foil tape?

Reliable adhesion, good thermal/electrical conductivity, and resistances to chemicals, humidity, and UV radiation make foil tape one of the most popular options for military, aerospace, and industrial applications — particularly in outdoor operations.

Q: Is aluminum tape stronger than duct tape?

Yes, this tape  is typically stronger than duct tape in terms of particular properties. Aluminum tape is designed with durability, thermal resistance, and weatherproofing in mind, making it superior to traditional duct tape for certain applications.

Q: How to remove tape residue from aluminum?

To remove tape residue from aluminum, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol or acetone to a cloth, gently rub the residue, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Q: Is Aluminum Tape Heat Resistant?

Absolutely. Aluminum tape has excellent heat-resistant properties, making it suitable for high-temperature environments. It can be used to seal ductwork and other components near heat sources.

Q: What is black aluminium foil tape used for?

It is largely employed in the entertainment sector to stop and contain spills and leaks on heat-generating machinery like projectors, light cans, barn doors, and similar machinery.

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2”x15 yards, 2”x20 yards


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Original price was: د.إ5.50.Current price is: د.إ5.00.


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Aluminum Tape
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