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“Discover high-quality Bopp tapes for all your packaging needs. Our Bopp packing tape, also known as transparent tape or clear tape, ensures secure sealing. Say goodbye to hassles with scotch tape refills. Upgrade your packaging game today.”


Crystal Clear Adhesive Excellence

Experience the high quality of packaging security with our Bopp Tape, also known as clear tape. The crystal-clear adhesive on our tape makes sure that your packages stay sealed and safe during their whole trip. Trust in our tape bopp to keep your things exactly the way you planned.

Key Features:

  • Unbeatable stickiness for safe packaging.
  • Extraordinary openness for a business look.
  • Effectively protects against dust and moisture.

Flawless Packaging

Our Bopp Packing Tape is not just a tape – It’s a well-designed solution that meets very high standards. We have a really great tape that is made with a lot of care and attention to detail. Say goodbye to the annoying problem of tangled tape and wasted time. Make your packaging process easier with our BOPP tape.

Tape specification:

  • Easy attachment to a variety of objects.
  • Tear-resistant for quick and easy application.
  • Ideal for many types of packing needs.

Crafted by the Leading Bopp Tape Manufacturer in UAE

Our tape not only shows how good it is, but it also shows how cheap it is. You can get great results without spending a lot of money. As the leading manufacturer in UAE, we’re dedicated to offering you a top-quality product that suits your budget. Invest wisely in your packaging needs with our Transparent Tape.

Key Features:

  • A cheap and excellent way to package things.
  • Cuts down on the need for too much wrapping material.
  • The affordable choice for all kinds of businesses.


Q: How long does Bopp Tape last?

When stored properly, it can last for many years. It stays strong and dependable as time goes by.

Q: Can Bopp Tape be used on all surfaces?

Yes, this tape can adhere to a wide range of surfaces, including paper, plastic, cardboard, and even metal.

Q: Does Bopp Tape leave a residue when removed?

No, this tape is designed to leave no residue behind, keeping your surfaces clean.

Q: Can Bopp Tape be used for outdoor applications?

Absolutely! Bopp Tape’s resistance to moisture and temperature variations makes it suitable for outdoor use.

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2”x 50 Yards, 2”x 100 Yards


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Bopp Tape
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