Double Sided Foam Tape

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“Discover the Ultimate Bonding Solution with our Double Sided Foam Tape. Experience the unbeatable adhesive power of foam tape, also known as double face tape or adhesive tape. This versatile tape effortlessly brings together a wide range of materials, making it the go-to choice for crafts, home repairs, and professional projects. Say goodbye to the frustration of unreliable adhesives and embrace the strength and reliability of foam tape. Elevate your projects today!”


Discover the Power of Double Sided Foam Tape

Are you in search of the perfect adhesive tape? Look no further than our Double Foam Tape. It’s also known as double face tape, adhesive tape, or mounting tape. This double sided tape foam product is designed to meet all your bonding needs. Whether you’re working on crafts, home improvements, or other projects, it’s the adhesive of choice. Unleash the potential of 3M double sided tape, foam board tape, and foam seal tape all in one.

Why Choose Our Foam Tape?

  • Strong and Durable: Our double sided foam tape is engineered to ensure a long-lasting bond, just like 3M double sided tape.
  • Clean Application: Say goodbye to messes – our adhesive tape offers an easy and clean application process.
  • Versatile Applications: It’s perfect for a wide range of tasks, including medical foam tape for delicate applications.
  • Weather-Resistant: Whether you’re in Dubai or anywhere else, our double sided foam tape ignite foam grip which stands up to extreme temperatures and moisture.

Elevate Your DIY Projects

Are you an artist, crafter, or DIY enthusiast looking for the ideal adhesive tape? Our Double Sided Foam Tape, also known as foam tape, is the answer. With this double sided tape foam, your crafting possibilities are limitless. Create stunning scrapbooks, intricate card designs, and breathtaking decorations, just like with 3M double sided tape.

Securely Attach Anywhere

Create smooth, hidden connections on various types of surfaces. Our foam tape is perfect for hanging decorations and attaching lightweight objects. It provides a strong hold like duct tape without the need for screws or nails, keeping things looking neat and tidy.This adhesive tape is more than just a glue; it can help you make your thoughts come to life. Prepare to hold on to success!


Q: What is double-sided foam tape used for?

Two surfaces can be stuck together securely and for a long time with double-sided foam tape. People use it for many things, like crafts, do-it-yourself projects, home fixes, and mounting things.

Q: How do I apply double-sided foam tape correctly?

Before you put double-sided foam tape down, make sure the surfaces are dry and clean. Cut the tape to the length you want, take off the backing, and press it down hard on one area. Then, put even pressure on the second area to make a strong bond.

Q: Can I remove double sided foam tape without damaging surfaces?

Absolutely! You can easily remove double-sided foam tape without causing any harm to most surfaces. Carefully remove the tape by gently peeling it off from one corner. If there is any sticky residue left, you can use a special adhesive remover that won’t leave any marks.

Q: Is foam tape suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, many double-sided foam tapes are designed to be weather-resistant. They can withstand exposure to outdoor elements such as rain, heat, and cold, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Q: Are there different thickness options for double sided foam tape?

Yes, you can find double-sided foam tape in different thicknesses for all sorts of uses. Thicker tapes give extra cushioning and bonding power, while thinner tapes are perfect for lighter jobs. Pick the thickness that works best for your project.

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1”x 5 yards-24 Pcs, 2”x 5 yards 12 Pcs


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Double Sided Foam Tape
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